I don’t teach with words.

Sure, I talk to covey meaning but that’s not what I teach.

I teach connection. I endeavor to be aware, spark passion and awareness in myself and others.

You give me dots, I’ll connect them. Give me a suggestion, I’ll incorporate it. People, places and things? I’ll find a way to get it all connected.

The act of connecting, the motion, I don’t think I can convey that with words. There are better writers doing that.

(There was a body language study that reported that 8% of what we convey are the *actual words coming out of our mouths*. I don’t think i can squeeze what I do into 8 percent orange juice concentrate text for you. Some things don’t fit on the internet.)

Often, you’ll find me in a space, it has been either a board room, coffeehouse, ballroom or club. The people are smiling, laughing, eyes lit up. I feel immodest to say I*lead* the group. I ‘Facilitated’, yeah, that feels better. I can’t see taking credit when what I do wouldn’t happen if others weren’t willing to connect. Nothing of what I can teach matters without the talented and caring people I’m surrounded by. Some I’ve known for years, most I only meet once.

But, I’m there again and again, helping make connections, showing what’s possible.

That’s what I teach.

Answer to Day 4: “Teach us something that you do well.”
The Your Turn Challenge was concocted by Winnie Kao.

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