The Diversion creates interactive experiences.

Along with talented colleagues, I create and lead workshops to guide groups through different forms of intercommunication. Whether it’s face to face or using many varieties of technology, The Diversion creates, fosters and improves the way people interact.

In our workshops, we’ve created experiences for adult professionals to help foster team work, improved communication and interaction. We’ve worked with youth and teens to develop creativity and social interaction skills.

This could be a theater performance that brings the show off the stage and allows the audience to play along as part of the experience.

It also could be stage-based entertainment of both scripted and improvised material for the delight of audiences around New England.

I’m Christopher Polack. The Diversion has been the home of my projects – I love connecting with people through direct interpersonal communication and technology. I love getting people together in a room and getting everyone,  connecting and sharing the moment!

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