Thirty days of making: pencil case
Photo of handmade pencil case by Andrew Watt.

My friend Andrew Watt teaches a design thinking course for middle schoolers in New England. Last year, he taught the students the skills of sewing.

Andrew’s students built upon their skills. First, tying knots, then to knitting and basic hand sewing and finally using sewing machines.(Read the full story by Andrew Watt.)

Talking to Andrew, I recall he noticed some of the students perspectives changing.

The kids brought in pictures of outfits and clothes from ads and magazines. When they began the course, none of the student envisioned obtaining these garments. If they did, it would before a heavy $$ price.

But now, with their new skills, a few of the students attempted to create their own clothes from those pictures. While their designs were not off-the-shelf perfect, the students empowered themselves, seeing beyond the item with the big price tag, discovering by creating what made that design and creating it themselves.

It’s the passion for seeing and discovering our world that needs to be improved, stoked and maintained.

Answer to Day 3: Tell us about something that you think should be improved.”

The Your Turn Challenge was concocted by Winnie Kao. 

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