Here’s my advice for getting unstuck:

“Nothing Lasts forever,
forever nothing lasts.”

Whatever state you’re in – writer’s block, traffic, etc, it can’t continue. SO, the trick is to divert our attention, moment to moment.

When I learned how to bike up hill, my brother taught me to zig-zag, so, as I went up the hill, the incline was less steep. The small leaps add up if you KEEP LEAPING.

I’m not trying to write a blog post, I’m working on this sentence. Whatever BIG BLOCK you perceive in your way, break it down into small bits.

Want to write a book – start with a short story. Want to make a movie – start taking pictures. Write your own list of examples! Find ways to make that big project into smaller ones. Create small successes!

My inspiration for this post – Here’s Judith Owen singing “Nothing Lasts Forever“.

Answer to Day 5: What advice would you give for getting unstuck?
The Your Turn Challenge was concocted by Winnie Kao.

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