I love improvised theater. It’s what fuels me. Check out this article from Tina Fey – tina fey article Read it, it will change you.

I’m currently in love with the idea of saying ‘yes’ to the world and all it holds. Yes opens all possibilities and helps build courage. It’s a scary word but it’s also the most postitive word out there. I thrive to say ‘yes’ more often.

Then there’s ‘and’. ‘Yes and’ builds off the agreement of yes and makes more things possible. It’s through acceptance and agreement that things grow.

I’m taking an advanced short form class at Sea Tea Improv’s Studio in Hartford. At first I felt silly going back to a class but Julia the instructor is great at helping all of the class feel at ease as we explore these concepts.

So, if you’re reading this, try saying ‘yes’ in your world. Let new things in. Life is always changing but I will be here to build off your ‘yes’ with an ‘and’. Accept and build, from the basics on up.



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