I went to tech conference in New York this week and one of the presenters posed an exciting question.

Commonly, when meeting someone new we often ask “What do you do?” The reply might be “I fix computers” or “I file taxes”. But here’s the real question:

“What is your Why?”

Why do you do what you do? Sure, you fix computers but why do you do it? Do you love technology? Do you like helping people? What’s the passion behind what you do?

For me, My passion is that I want to inspire people to communicate better through technology and improvisation.

That’s my start, that’s my passion. Whether I’m showing someone how to organize their email or leading a group through improvisation exercises, it’s all about that spark I see when someone ‘gets it’. They discover that that can be funny, think on their feet or can manage their email.

So, I pose the Big Question: What is your why? Drop it in the comments.

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