I am taking on the Your Turn Challenge to create community. It is challenging to live as an artist, working on your project, knowing ‘this might not work’. It’s lonely in our world of typing on a pieces of plastic, metal and glass. I am here to connect and contribute to a scenius of people that shares its struggle, and yet, ships their projects, delivers results and honors its word.

I am here because I believe that the dots I connect, the perspectives I share, had and continue have worth to people. As a producer/performer I somehow consistently create the fuzzy outcome of applause and laughter. As a teacher and facilitator, I’ve been credited for inspiring action, passion, creativity and possibility. People improve after their experience.

Yet, the results of my work feels ethereal in the world of metal and glass. I’m taking part in this challenge to prove to myself that these characters I string together will be viewed and considered, and maybe, responded to. I want to create a trail of projects and failures for others to find so they can learn, laugh and celebrate. I want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so others can find their way, to eventually create their own path.

I am taking this challenge to serve others by providing audience, attention and support knowing that this might not work. And having fun along the way.

The Your Turn Challenged was concocted by Winnie Kao who works on special projects for Seth Godin. Seth recently published a book “What To Do When It’s Your Turn {and it’s always your turn)“.

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