I set a goal to write something on my blog every day. Well, today is the first day I’m coming in unprepared.

It’s a rough day to think that I have nothing to say. Not every entry will be epic but you still have to put in the the work. So I sit here typing this thing, not sure if I will publish it. This is me stumbling!

What makes the rough day easier is forgiveness of self. I will get better at writing and viewing the world through writing better. It takes practice and persistence. and all of that takes time and work. I won’t let, you, the reader, down. I’m devoting 30 minutes a day to writing. Doesn’t seem like much but when your day gets hectic its a challenge. I strive to be a better writer and can do it with your help.

So, I will be easier on myself and I have another topic now for tomorrow. What is it? Visit again to find out!

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