I’m giddy this week. I got my first notice that someone reads the blog. My new friend and Qigong teacher Charles and I met up at an art show and sited the article that I mentioned Andrew Watt’s terrific blog. If you’re going to read anything today, read that.

I love how the Internet leaves its little trails of breadcrumbs around for others to pick up. Sharing what you know is perhaps the greatest thing to give. That’s I love teaching. It is so wonderful to have a group of people agree and follow along, collaborate and share.

Another Internet breadcrumb that reached into my real life was from the social media class at the Middlesex Chamber. I’m leading a few people to the world of LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s so much fun to take on these exciting topics with business people who are eager to learn.

So, my hope for you, dear reader, is that your trail of breadcrumbs you leave comes back to you and it helps you flourish.

We are blessed.


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