One of the things I enjoy doing is volunteering in my community. Middletown, Connecticut has a vibrant population. A cool thing about Middletown is the community involvement. For example, We have a community run blog called The Middletown Eye. It’s all run by volunteers like me in an effort to get news and local info out to people.

I like play with technology too. It’s fun when I get to merge my love for community with technology. Occasionally, I’ll produce a blog post or video to showcase something going on in town.

This year, great opportunity happened. My neighbor Michael sings with the Greater Middletown Chorale and for the past few years he’s organized an informal gathering of professional singers and friends to go caroling at a few senior centers in town. I thought that this was such a fun thing to do that I felt I could also capture it on video. So armed with my iPhone, I was able to document the fun everyone had singing holiday songs and making merry.

Middletown Caroling

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